Closing arguments are July 7, seems jury will start deliberating on July 8. Inner City Press on the case - and writing a book(let)
There are sentencing disparities, then there are the less visible sentencing SERVICE disparities. Inner City Press is on the case(s)
The prosecutors replied that Judge Liman's decision on referring to victims in trial of Sarah Lawrence College sex cultist Larry Ray was "wrongly…
Inner City Press was the only media in the courtroom for the arraignment and will continue to cover the case(s); a February 2023 trial date was set…
By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon Maxwell Book BBC-Guardian UK - Honduras - ESPN NY Mag SDNY COURT, Exclusive, July 1 – To prosecute Joshua Schulte for…
The role of Omar Amanat arose, and Inner City Press is digging into it
FBI replied it has it's reasons; US Attorney Damian Williams said he can't speak on extraditions. But is Ruja dead? Inner City Press on the case(s)
So far two jurors are out with COVID. What's next? Inner City Press on the case.
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