In Jan 6 Case Pauline Bauer Is Released After 1 Night Jail, So Mount Rushmore for July 4

Bauer did not sign the conditions of release, but said she has no gun in Bob's Trading Post for now, and will drive to Mount Rushmore June 30 to July 15. Before that, she will appear again in DDC

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FEDERAL COURT, June 22 -- On June 11, months after the DC Circuit's decision in US v. Munchel, DDC  Magistrate Zia Faruqui held a proceeding on Pauline Bauer. It did not go well.  Inner City Press live tweeted it here and below. Song here. He ordred Bauer to appear in person on June 18, pushed back to June 21 by the observance of the Juneteenth Federal holiday.

On June 21, Judge Faruqui held an in-person proceeding with Bauer - and detained her for criminal contempt. Inner City Press live tweet that here, podcast here.

Now on June 22, after Bauer spent the night in DC Jail at 1901 D Street, SE, she appeared again before Judge Faruqui. Without signing anything, and saying she will drive to Mount Rushmore from June 30 to July 15, she was released. Inner City Press again live tweeted it, here:

Judge Faruqui: The conditions would be to turn in your firearms, until your court case is over. You have 2d Amendment rights. If you will say you will comply, I will release you.

 Pauline Bauer: I am one of God's creations... 

Judge Faruqui: You cannot travel outside the country without permission. Do you frequently travel outside of the Western District of Pennsylvania?

Pauline Bauer:  Yes, sir.

Judge Faruqui: So, the state of Pennsylvania Pauline Bauer: I also travel to Western New York. Judge Faruqui: I understand you don't accept the jurisdiction of the court. I don't agree with you, but I see you are trying to work with me. We'll come back to the firearm.

AUSA Steiner: And reporting to Pre-Trial AUSA Steiner: And we'll need her address.

Pauline Bauer: You have that information already. Judge Faruqui: OK, they have some info. But they will need a weekly or bi-weekly check-in. You call and say, I'm here. They ask you a couple of questions.

Judge Faruqui: Can you give your firearm to, say, your sister? While it's pending. It may not be long. Could you promise me? More than one?

Pauline Bauer: I have no firearms in my business at the moment. Judge Faruqui: If one if found later, you'll be back here.

 Judge Faruqui: I think we are done. AUSA Steiner: I agree, your Honor. Pre-Trial Services: We want an interview. We have no info on the defendant. Judge Faruqui: She will not fill out a form. Can we go into a breakout room?

Pre-Trial: Sure. There is no form.

 Judge Faruqui: OK, we'll go into the breakout room.

OK - Judge Faruqui is back and says, "You are to remain in the state of Pennsylvania. You can ask me if you need to travel to Western New York.  Pauline Bauer: I am traveling to Mount Rushmore on July 4. Judge Faruqui: Flying or driving? Pauline Bauer: Driving.

AUSA Steiner: When will she return? Pauline Bauer: I plan on leaving June 30 and returning by July 15. Judge Faruqui: I'll say July 18. Any more travel?

Pauline Bauer: No, I need to work. Judge Faruqui: I know, Bob's Trading Post.

Judge Faruqui: How do I get the order to you? Pauline Bauer: I don't have anything here [in jail.] Judge Faruqui: I'm releasing you, under the conditions stated on the record.

 Bauer's sister is told the address of the DC Jail: 1901 D Street, South East, and the phone number.

AUSA Steiner: If Ms. Bauer files that she is a sovereign citizen, we will oppose it in due course. And, she has not been arraigned.

 Judge Faruqui: I am writing down that she pleads not guilty. Pauline Bauer: I am innocent. I did not plead not guilty. Judge Faruqui: I'm just writing it down that way. Do you waive a reading of the indictment? Bauer: You can read it to me.

 AUSA Steiner: Since Ms. Bauer is proceeding pro se, it may take some time to agree on a protective order. Is email the best way to reach her? Judge Faruqui: She can email or mail or bring it to the courthouse. Pauline Bauer: I tried yesterday.

Judge Faruqui: I could keep Ms. Hernandez on as stand-by counsel, to help file documents. OK, we're done. 

We will have more on this.

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